Sewer Rates for 2018

Dear Coupland Wastewater Subscriber,

Reminders to each of you:

Average water usage in December 2017 and January 2018 determines sewer rates for the year 2018.  Please read and study enclosed notice.

Members of the board are examining different areas that inflate our costs, and one of the single biggest ways we can lower our costs is by only disposing of and flushing acceptable wastewater into our system.  Unacceptable items include diapers, rags, towels, wet wipes and other items that our system can’t handle.  These items drive our maintenance costs up and cause your wastewater bill to be higher every month.  Please stop this because it affects all of us.

Your sewer system is a non-profit entity administered by a non-paid volunteer board and any extra cost to repair damages caused by someone’s careless and/or irresponsible behavior is something we need to avoid to help hold our sewage charges down.  This negligence is unacceptable.

We, your board of directors, thank you for your help in preventing clogging problems.  Any questions, please contact the president of CWSC at Contact Section.

Wells Mason, President

Cindy Wood, Vice President

Karen Marosko, Secretary/Treasurer

Phil Grimley, Board Member

Martin Samuelson, Board Member